Midnight Studios is a AAA,cross platform video game development company based in Austin,Texas. Founded by Electronics Arts (EA) veterans,Kevin and Charles Normann,Midnight Studios is at the forefront of creating innovative electronic games and virtual goods for the world to enjoy.


Charles Normann

Chief Executive Officer,Founder

Charles has been making games of all kinds his entire life. He entered the video game industry in the early 90s as an engineer but soon changed his focus to video game Production.

Before founding Midnight Studios,Charles’most recent job was as a producer at Electronic Arts developing new IP and organizing EA’s involvement with OLPC (One Laptop Per Child).

Charles has produced sports titles (QB Club Football),real time strategy (SimCity DS,SimCity Societies),Sims like simulation games (Sims Pets),and third person shooters (The Godfather). Also,SimCity DS was EA’s very first game title to ever hit #1 in Japan!

At Midnight,Charles is focused on establishing the most creative and exciting brands on the market and continuing to manage them for the greatest long term success.


Kevin Normann

Chief Technical Officer,Founder

Kevin has been enthusiastically developing games with his brother since early childhood. With a degree in computer science at the University of Colorado,he got a job with Iguana Entertainment in Austin in the early 90s as an engineer. He has filled various technical and management roles such as Tech Producer,Senior Lead Engineer,and Technical Director at studios such as Iguana,Acclaim,and Electronic Arts.

After Acclaim’s demise,Kevin and his brother Charles spent 6 months working to open Midnight Studios before deciding that the time wasn’t right for what they wanted to do. Kevin then put Midnight Studios on hold to accept a Job working for the Sims division at EA. While at EA as a Senior Lead Engineer and Technical Director,Kevin received much praise as a leader and for his role in teaching new hires about the EA game development process. Recent games include The Sims:Pets (console),The Sims:Castaway,and The Sims 3.

At Midnight Studios,Kevin continues to seek to develop the highest quality software by creating a fun and exciting work environment centered on creativity and teamwork.